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Born who is bringing of nothing but keeping on trying in getting something that are relating and involving of the right mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories.


I am posting my image here not because I am thinking that somebody will be appreciating of it. But it is only a sort of a personal identification. Actually, it is obvious that I am not pretty, and ugly of course, but if you will be reading and can be having right understanding of what I am teaching, my name will be evolving in your mind until you will be getting older.

Actually my articles, seems like jokes to the persons that who are not having right understanding of it. But to those who are having right understanding of the whole insight of it, it can be making of their selves in having preparations in facing the life realities with peace of minds and good health. Likewise, my articles in which are my mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories, will put you a wings in order can fly wherever you will be going upon looking whatever you are wanting that will not abusing of the rights of the others.

I am thinking that it is better if I am hiding myself from the people for me in having privacy. But, I am not having any choice is to voluntarily introduce my articles as part of my contributions to our and other government systems it is because it is part of the reasons that I can hardly acquire peace of mind. Since, I am much bother if I will let myself hiding without contributing something in which I am thinking that it is better comparing of the others that only reason of depriving my-self in acquiring real peace of mind. That's why; I am not hesitate of presenting my articles even in my-self I am already having knowledge that the people can hardly accept of it, since I am having right analysis of it in which through my studies, experimentation and observations as of having facts or basis to the truth upon making some conclusions of it. And it is maybe as of now there are some of us cannot relate what I am teaching and telling, but I know in the future that they can be having right understanding if they will be reading with comprehension of it.

The MIND THINKING SPECIALIST blogspot is create basing upon the Article-III, Section-4 of the Philippines Constitutions in which is me being an author of it is not violating any of the rules of laws and to the rights of the people. As a matter of facts, we are having plenty of the rules of laws that are violating and abusing of the rights of the people.


I am the 4rth of 11 siblings from my parents. Born at Can-asujan Carcar City Cebu, and presently reside at Lupa Lantawan San Fernando Cebu Philippines. Graduated at Liburon Elementary School of Liburon San Fernando Cebu on March 1995 and Carcar Academy of Carcar City Cebu Philippines in my high school education on March 1998 as a working student of being an all-around house helper and sitter of an 8 months, 2 years and 4 years kids of my Boss. And proceed to college on 2nd semester in the same year as one of the non-academic scholars or else working students at Southwestern University of Villa Aznar Urgello Street Cebu City Philippines, taking up Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management, but stopped it was wherefore my parents could not sustained or else lacked of financial support for my basic needs even if I had a free tuition fee, then worked at Innodata XML Factory as a quality assurance auditor of the Lawbook Department on a year 2000. Since the signed contract was only 1 year, that's why upon ending of it, I was decided to study Guardiology at PADPAO Academy as of having security guard license on a year 2001.

The Equator Knights Security and Detective Agency Inc. was my first Security Agency which I had a post duties and responsibilities at Southwestern University and Papa's Resto Bar, but since I was slided of a slippery road I was passed by upon rendering security service. That's why; it was the open door for me to find another security agency in order to have job and income. Until this present as of creating my articles I am still a security guard at the Palawan Pawnshop Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines under the MERIT Security and Investigation Agency, Inc.  And I am from Katipunan Bank Carcar Branch before for exactly 6 years under the Next Generation Security Agency Inc., but the idiot Security Officer of the Bank is kicking me out without any right reasons, explanation and due process of law, it is because they are not giving me my separation pay for my length of service. And also, since in my sight is dim for me to finish my College Education in order to have a degree due to conflict of schedule. That is why, I decide to author and write some articles that are involving the knowledge of the right mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories in which is the MIND THINKING SPECIALIST blogspot at the blogger. The articles that are having clear interpretations of the right and wrong mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories as part of the prevention for the next generation or else future people cannot be facing predicaments or else unfortunate situations for them not in pushing their lives to ruin upon following some of the wrong teachings that are dominating in our surrounding. In connection and relation of it, I am writing few of the information regarding of my life and experiences not because I am wanting in having impractical and ridiculous drama of it. But because I am wanting of the public in having knowledge regarding of my life and experiences wherefore it is having connection and relation to my articles. Likewise, my own life and experiences are part of the facts or basis to the truth of my articles in which under the MIND THINKING SPECIALIST blogspot at the Blogger.


I am the author and the writer of the articles that who is urging the parents and government leaders in performing or doing their duties and responsibilities to the child or children and people without learning any of the punishments to those who are getting or committing and will be getting or committing errors, mistakes or else wrongdoings as well crimes.

The articles that can be awaking us upon always sleeping in which part of the reasons that we are not learning and having knowledge of some of the right mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories through using some of the disgusting words or terms and negative comments or else statements of every error, mistake or else wrongdoing as well crime.

The articles that are asking favor to the lawmakers in legislating or else promulgating some of the right rules of laws that are having elaborations and executions of the equal and uniform rights of the people including of the several living creatures such as animals and others that are having life and can feel pains the same with us.

And, I am the author and the writer that is publishing of my articles through the power of the Blogger in which accessible by the people in viewing and reading of it in the online networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr at Google, Yahoo, Bing, Delta and other search engines that are hosting of it.




01_The author of it is only elaborating the complications and the negative consequences wherefore of the uncontrollable feelings or emotions and giving some projections as part of the suggestions for the possible ways or solutions for it.

02_Once we are irritate and getting anger it is wherefore this blog is against of our faith and belief, that’s why; the author of it is challenge us to author and write some articles, columns and books that will be countering of it as to test ourselves if we are knowledgeable and can really doing of it.

03_Advocacy for some of our concerns especially if it is against the government and other critical matters will not last once we are applying our arrogance as of doing it. Likewise, nothing good will be happening once we are using our arrogance as of advocating some of our concerns especially if it is regarding the government systems in every country.

04_It is open for the negative and positive comments in which part of exercising our freedom and rights as of expressing of our own mind thinking or mentalities whether it is right or wrong since everyone of us is really welcome here as long we are not hurting the others physically as facts or basis to the truth of the obvious errors, mistakes or else wrongdoings.

05_It cannot be that you will be threatening me to put in jail wherefore I do not have enough money to pay the lawyer as of bringing my articles to the court, it is because I can be the lawyer of my own in order to defend myself to whoever shall be planning in filing case against of what I am writing that is having contradiction of your faith and belief since fighting in court even if I am not a lawyer is part of my rights.

06_It cannot be that you will be thinking and telling that I am arrogant and bastard person upon authoring and writing some of the articles that having elaboration of the commentary to any religions, faith organizations as well the negative consequences and reactions of the baseless impractical and ridiculous mind thinking, mentalities, behaviors, attitudes or else principles and theories by the ancient authors and writers since I am voluntarily offer my knowledge for the others to awake upon getting or committing errors, mistakes or else wrongdoings as well crimes that taking me in risk as of putting my life in danger wherefore of it.

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